Companies Hire Kocer to Evaluate Manufacturing, Production, Distribution and Administrative Operations and Systems and Provide Solutions to Improve Operational Performance.

We help our clients to identify and solve their issues by providing the following:

We collaborate with key individuals to define the operational performance goals for the future, then map out current processes and identify the gaps.

Together we create solutions for the future state that fill the gaps and meet business objectives.

We collaborate with key employees and management to get their valuable input and ensure buy-in and agreement along the way.

We define current bottlenecks and prioritize opportunities for improvement based on cost and effort versus benefit.

We introduce operational “best practices” that apply and we may arrange site visits to other companies to observe these practices in action.

We identify and eliminate process waste and improve operational flexibility and agility.

We utilize root cause analysis. optimization and problem solving analysis and tools from Lean , 6-Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Network Optimization, financial analysis, capacity analysis, and others.

Thorough evaluation of alternatives and financial analysis to substantiate all recommendations and return on investment for expenditures.

We define procedures and training and quality programs and we forecast required staffing, resources, space and equipment. We evaluate return-on-investment for all recommendations.

We identify staffing and scheduling and organizational structure improvements to meet business goals.

We provide change management to manage the workforce expectations, communication and stress levels.

We provide effective project management to ensure that all parties are informed of their roles and tasks, and the budget, schedule and performance goals are realized.

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Kocer Consulting + Engineering helps companies become more profitable and sustainable by developing and implementing improvements to their operations and systems, and planning for the future.


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