Our Approach to Problem Solving and Planning

Our internal quality assurance practices ensure that the initial planning phase and recommendations of the project address the following:

  • good value for your money
  • recommendations that focus and fit with project and operational objectives
  • a strategy to manage risk

We clearly define project objectives and ensure these objectives stay in focus as we proceed.
Our strength is the ability to look at operational problems from several angles – Staffing and scheduling, process flow, work methods, quality and accuracy, management systems, equipment, facilities, economic return on investment, vendor relationships, and customer requirements. This combination of skills increases the avenues for operational improvement, and ensures that all bases are covered for a successful implementation.

Our Approach to Problem Solving and Planning

We take the “Lean Thinking” approach to reduce non-value work and cycle time, and always look for inexpensive processes, methods or scheduling changes prior to investigating solutions requiring significant capital expenditures.
We help customers remain agile by looking for flexible, low-cost and high-value solutions, and our design, implementation and project management steps are influenced by the “Six Sigma”philosophy.
We Work with you to develop a substantiated plan that meets your operational goals, and ensures your dollars are well spent by:

  • Listening and defining your operational performance goals first
  • Measuring and comparing current performance to desired goals and the causes of the gaps.
  • Developing alternative operational processes to meet or exceed performance goals.
  • Introducing best practices and proven equipment and technology that support the process, budget and performance goals.
  • Providing a comprehensive budget and return on investment analysis and risk assessment to select and substantiate the best option.
  • Ensuring that the plan is feasible, realistic, and economically viable before going forward with detail design and implementation.
  • Setting up site visits for you to see other companies that may use similar solutions.

Kocer Consulting and Engineering’s systematic team-oriented approach to problem solving and decision-making produces solutions that are supported by the key owners of the processes. This is critical to success.
On-site presence, open communication, and listening are key elements of our success.

We have delivered high-performance production and distribution operations for over 800 companies – large and small – leading the team from concept through completion.

Our order fulfillment and logistics “best practices” knowledge and technical approach to problem solving provides efficient, lean designs and our project management expertise drives results.

We have experience managing and directing large production and distribution operations, and we appreciate the tough decisions that our clients face every day.

Continuous education and learning is a cornerstone of Kocer Consulting and Engineering. We attend seminars and professional organizations, read publications from experts around the world, and regularly visit supply chain operations to see best practices in action. We study hundreds of operations in our business and we learn something from every operation, every team, and every project.

These advantages allow Kocer Consulting and Engineering to successfully deliver operational performance and customer satisfaction.

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