Kocer Consulting and Engineering has helped hundreds of companies to improve their inventory management with the following benefits:

  1. Happier Customers from Better Service
  2. Increased Revenue
  3. Reduced Write-offs from Obsolete or Lost Inventory
  4. Higher Productivity
  5. Increased Scalability for Growth
  6. Less Cash tied up in Inventory

In order to improve inventory management we help our customers to improve in 5 key areas:

  1. Align Inventory Policies with Your Customer Service Strategy
  2. Measure Inventory Management Performance
  3. Have a Good System for Determining When and How Much to Purchase
  4. Manage Your Suppliers Effectively
  5. Implement Systems that Ensure Inventory Accuracy

Inventory Management Improvements

We investigate what is appropriate for each client and consult on business strategies to improve inventory management, including:

  1. Design-to-order
  2. Purchase-to-order
  3. Postponement
  4. Merge-In-Transit
  5. Site Transfers
  6. Velocity Reporting and Disposition of Obsolete Materials
  7. Demand Planning with Appropriate Forecasting
  8. Reducing Lead Time Variability
  9. Appropriate Confidence levels for buffer stock
  10. Theory of Constraints
  11. Purchasing Consolidation
  12. Strategies for Supplier Terms
  13. Strategies to improve inventory accuracy

Kocer Consulting and Engineering provides seminars on Inventory Management and would be delighted to present to any company that is seeking to improve in this area.

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