About Lean Six Sigma: Lean Six Sigma is a business and data-driven approach to reducing waste, and minimizing defects and variability in all types of processes, from manufacturing to administrative. It incorporates Lean philosophies with Six Sigma methodology and focuses on the reduction of waste, and increased profitability and customer satisfaction. The Lean Six Sigma methodology uses the DMAIC approach (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control). It is a method used by organizations to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of their customers.

Companies are achieving astounding results by implementing a Lean system in their businesses: reduced inventories, and lead-times, improved delivery performance and fill-rates, increased throughput and productivity, lower operating costs, and improved margins. Your company can be more efficient and more profitable.

Lean Six Sigma Training and Facilitation

Services: Depending on your needs and level of learning you’d like, we’ll tailor our curriculum to your organization. Most organizations will have an overview of what Six Sigma is and go through our training program titled, “Facilitating the Change to a Lean culture” In this program we’ll provide your staff with the tools and training to become change agents in your organization. Utilizing Lean concepts such as DMAIC, TPM, OEE, 5S, kaizen, value stream mapping and others, we’ll drive through hands-on processes to show participants the processes, methods and benefits of using Lean Six Sigma in your organization.

Our goal: is to give your company the tools to pursue systematic elimination of waste so you can be more competitive in the marketplace.

The end result: will be a group of educated employees with knowledge and skills to implement Lean Six Sigma projects and become change agents in their own organizations.

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