Our Process for Facility Planning and Equipment Layout

Defining Customer Requirements

During these initial meetings, we define objectives and goals of the new layout project, obtain input from key employees, and listen to our clients in order to understand the requirements for the success of each functional area.

Measuring Operational Requirements

1-We provide a list of data and information required for this layout work. The client may collect this information and we can help if necessary or desired. If information is too costly or time-consuming to collect, we will recommend the next best approach.
2-We define the operational flow of material, and description of work performed in each area. This may be provided by the client or we can swiftly document this information.
3-We provide an Association Diagram that shows the frequency of trips traveled between the functions or departments.
4-We provide a Capacity Analysis that determines the space, equipment, and staffing required in each operation to support future sales forecasts over the next three to five years.
5-We review and analyze this information and refine with the client to ensure agreement prior to developing alternative layouts.

Developing Process Improvements and Alternative Layouts

1-We identify opportunities for improving the current process and performance, and provide “proposed” flow diagrams that incorporate improvements for reducing cycle time and cost, increasing productivity, quality, order accuracy, inventory accuracy, safety and ergonomics, and space utilization. All proposed improvements are substantiated with a cost/benefit comparison and reviewed by the client prior to being incorporated into the layout.
2-We develop block layout alternatives, showing the space per operation, aisles, flow of materials and travel times between operations.

We evaluate each alternative based on space utilization, total travel distances and other factors to determine the best option. The client is very much a part of this selection process.

Detail Design

The selected layout is further refined in the detail design step. We will work together with the client and equipment suppliers to refine the chosen layout and produce an operational drawing that shows enough detail for the general contractor, equipment suppliers, and movers.

Detail Planning and Procurement

1-We provide an expansion plan that shows the move-in layout with area for growth, and a plan for expanding operations into the unoccupied area over time.
2-We help to write request-for-proposals, evaluate bids and select suppliers.
3-We provide a budget and implementation plan for review and approval prior to awarding contracts.

Verify Results

1-After implementation is complete we measure performance, compare to criteria for success, and make adjustments if necessary.
2-We measure actual results and improvements and compare to the estimates that were used to justify the project.
3-We make adjustments and fine tune as needed.

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