Tutta Bella

This project was designed to help the company transition to food manufacturing as a predominant business model. The training involved extensive ERP (enterprise resource planning) and organizational development training. As a result of the project, the company was able to launch production in its new facility in June 2023 and is scaling up for more efficient production. Notable outcomes include:

Completion of 1,083 training hours for 65 employees.
Hiring of 96 employees; promotion for 17.
Increase of average hourly wage by 7.3%.
Reduction of defects from 27 per day to 17 per day; steadily improving.
15% increase of market share, from 10%.

“The training provided a common business language and platform so that employees could operate more effectively together and work stronger as a team. Investment in human capital makes us a stronger enterprise. Our average hourly wage increased by 7.3%, and overall factory productivity improved by 13.1%. We expect these gains to continue to grow as we complete and more fully utilize the training. We expect to create over 100 new jobs in Seattle in the next 24 months.”
Brian Fugere, COO

Western Tile & Marble

Over the past two years we have had the good fortunate of working with Kocer Consulting. The Kocer team has been instrumental in propelling our operations forward. From preparing key management personnel for success, seamlessly improving our day-to-day activities and streamlining our warehouse inventory management and mobile time tracking with new software, Kocer’s expertise and dedication were evident at every step. Kocer didn’t just deliver solutions; they empowered our team. Their engaging training for our CAD operators and focus on improving shop floor and project communication equipped us to not only implement but also sustain these improvements. We are truly grateful for their partnership and recommend Kocer to any company committed to achieving outstanding results.
Ronnie Simone, Owner and CEO

American Structures & Design

Over the last three years, we’ve used Kocer Engineering for a wide variety of projects including lean manufacturing, shipping, receiving, material flow, quality systems, and ERP optimization. One of our more significant projects was moving to a new, larger manufacturing facility. Kocer’s team helped us design an optimal layout for our work centers to optimize efficiency and reduce waste. The Kocer team is attentive, responsive, and very knowledgeable. I wholeheartedly recommend their services for organizations that are committed to doing what it takes to go from good to great.
Mike Hagen – CEO

Access Laser

“Hi Dan, I wanted to again say thank you for all the help Kocer has given us in the ERP implementation. It went as well as can be expected. I talked with my boss at TRUMPF in Germany this morning, and he was very impressed especially with having no issues that stopped us from taking orders, building product, shipping it, and invoicing it while hitting our target launch. Please feel free to share this. In January 2022, there was confusion amongst the Implementation Team as to where we were in the process, what was completed, to what degree, and what was yet to be done. Upon the recommendation of Impact Washington, Kocer Consulting + Engineering took on the process of making that assessment. Over the course of the next couple of months, Kocer was not only able to answer those questions but to help us in establishing a requirements document that merged the existing one the project team had with Kocer’s best practices. For almost all the Access Laser Team members, this was their first implementation. As with any project, there were challenges and disagreements. Without taking over or dictating, Kocer helped the team resolve these and accomplish their goal. As scheduled, Access Laser went live with the new ERP system on July 3, 2023. The cutover went as smooth as almost any ERP implementation I have heard of. There were no disruptions that stopped us from taking orders, building product, shipping it out, and then billing our customers. The success can be summed up in our customers never even noticed as we moved from one to the other. We look forward to continuing to work with Kocer as we move forward.“
Gordon Bluechel – CEO & Managing Director

Heritage Distilling Company

“Hey, Dan! I just wanted to take a moment to share how impressed I am with the progress Jon has made with select members of the HDC team to get to where they are today; I’m told that the MRP ran this week with 95% data accuracy on the first pass! Amazing. Once all the kinks are worked out, this is going to be a game-changer for our logistics processes, bringing a level of efficiency and over-the-horizon planning we only dreamed about previously. We really enjoy working with your team. Cheers,“
Drew Kellerman, Vice President of Production

Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate takes pride in our chocolate and the sustainable way we do business. As a food manufacturer, our inventory management practices and systems are very important to us, and we needed to scale up with our growth. We were referred to Kocer Consulting and Engineering because of their experience and success helping other companies in supply chain, warehousing and inventory management. Of the many consultants we interviewed, Kocer was the most knowledgeable and they quickly understood our issues. We hired them and they were able to pinpoint the problems and root causes in our systems and were able to find a specific software application rather than a wholesale system replacement that we thought we might need. Kocer also was able to secure a grant that paid for a majority of the cost of the project. The Kocer group worked very well with our management team and floor operators and made sure we were all informed and on board with these decisions. Kocer’s lead consultant really cared about our company, our people and the success of this project. Now we have state of the art inventory management and real time tracking for a third of the cost and half the implementation schedule that we expected. I highly recommend Kocer Consulting and Engineering.
Christine Zess, Director

Hayward Gordon

Hayward Gordon is a manufacturer of commercial pumps and mixers.
“When our Plant Manager position in the California Plant became vacant, we hired Kocer to provide on-site interim management. Dan W., the consultant from Kocer, came on board and was adept at managing the operations and staff. Dan W. was familiar with the operations having worked in a similar capacity with Hayward Gordon on previous engagements. Dan analyzed and improved our operating utilization and efficiency, made improvements to the facility, led several lean manufacturing initiatives, and improved the overall plant performance. Dan also assisted our new Plant Manager with the onboarding and knowledge transfer for a seamless transition. I would recommend hiring the Kocer team to provide on-site general management, to improve your operations, and to take the lead with significant facility upgrades”.
Jose Lima, VP of Operations


Betacom is expecting high growth in volume and revenue and we are required to change and upgrade our warehouse operations and inventory management to scale up. After much research we selected Kocer Consulting and Engineering to help us with this effort. Kocer and his industrial and systems engineers jumped right in and were able to effectively work with our team in this fast-paced environment. They created an efficient warehouse design that provided three times the capacity over and above the design that the material handling vendor provided. This solved our capacity issue. Hiring Kocer was a good move for us, and I would recommend Kocer to any company that needs to improve or redesign their distribution and order fulfillment operations and systems,
Susan Kimbrough, Vice President, Strategic Planning

Iris Window Coverings

Iris designs, produces, installs and repairs motorized and automated window coverings for commercial and residential buildings. We have the opportunity to grow our revenue but we needed to improve our operations, systems and layout to accommodate this growth, and Kocer Consulting and Engineering was referred to us. The Kocer team was professional and efficient in creating our new streamlined processes and layout, and they were respectful of our staff and easy to work with. They are deeply knowledgeable in order processing, inventory management, production and installation scheduling and capacity planning and helped us understand how we can improve. The roadmap for growth they provided for our facility layout is extremely useful. I would definitely recommend Kocer Consulting and Engineering for improving your manufacturing operations and helping you take the next step up in growth.
Scott Davidson, President

The Finest Accessories, Inc.

The Finest Accessories distribution center fulfills B-to-B and B-to-C orders of every kind and is growing rapidly with our new accounts that include Amazon. We found a larger warehouse to facilitate this growth, and Kocer Consulting and Engineering was referred to us to design new streamlined operations and systems. They provided substantiated solutions and action plans to meet our performance and efficiency goals, provide a better facility layout and help with the transition. Kocer Consulting and Engineering worked closely with our team to help us take a big step up in our growth and performance! The new warehouse works great and we are very happy with Kocer’s work and we recommend their services to any distributor that wants to develop and implement operational and systems improvements.
Patti Blumenthal, COO


ShelfGenie, a Neighborly Company, designs and manufactures custom-designed storage solutions that add more space, more organization, and more accessibility to your existing cabinets. Business is growing and we needed solutions for increasing capacity while maintaining high quality, customer service and productivity. We hired Kocer Consulting and Engineering because of their knowledge and expertise in evaluating manufacturing operations and determining how to meet our goals, plus we had hired them about four years ago and they did a good job back then. Kocer dovetailed well with our team, mapped out our operations and identified the rework, waste and opportunities for improved capacity, They identified and evaluated innovative automation and improved processes for production and assembly and systems changes to improve shipping accuracy and efficiency. They provided best practices for managing and measuring quality and rework and provided an improved layout. Their work was well worth the investment, and I recommend Kocer Consulting and Engineering to any manufacturer who is looking for expert recommendations, guidance, and project management.
Andy Pittman, President


Kocer Consulting was recommended to me by a colleague at the Washington State Department of Commerce and I could not be happier with how quickly and efficiently they helped me complete my project. Being a small business owner, taking on a large project can be extremely time consuming in addition to the numerous daily tasks that are needed. I was very pleased with the service and expertise that Dan & Dan brought to this project as it allowed me to focus on other work-related duties. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to ‘start from scratch’ when looking for a particular solution for my project was huge. Kocer Consulting took great care in my detailed specifications and with their contacts and industry knowledge found the right solution and provided constant communication along the way.
Roland Bonser, President/Owner

AGC Education Foundation

We have worked with KCE for over nine years, and it has been a great partnership. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach in the development and presentation of the Lean Construction Certification Program. KCE is extremely approachable and does a great job engaging students, listening, and thoughtfully answering questions. The response we receive from class participants is consistently positive. KCE stays current in industry trends and takes the time to educate and keep us informed on these relevant topics. KCE offers top notch services and, in our experience, sets the standard for Lean training and consulting.
Dan Morris, Director of Education and Training

Custom Source Woodworking, Inc.

Kocer has done a great job. In 4 months, they understood our industry, narrowed our focus on the major issues, formed work groups and started addressing those major issues in a sustainable way that can be maintained and monitored. All of this without major disruption or discontent amongst our employees. To be honest the progress seemed slow, but looking back it has only been 4 months and our company is learning how to address problems in a sustainable way that are measurable and well thought out. Life without putting out fires seems obtainable now. I can’t wait to see where we are a year from now.
Joe Wadsworth, CEO

Shinmei Foods U.S.A. Corp.

Thanks for all your hard work in getting things moving in the right direction. I told Shinmei JAPAN about your professional work. Thank you again.
Yoshi Takuwa, COO/Vice President of Operations


We talked to CAMPS about our need to streamline our operations and put the right processes and systems in place and CAMPS recommended Kocer Consulting and Engineering. The people from Kocer were easy to work with and they listened to our issues and came up with excellent solutions to improve our operations, on schedule and within budget. Thanks to Kocer Consulting and Engineering we have reduced rework and handling, higher capacity, procedures in place and our operations are performing on a higher level with lower costs. I would highly recommend them to any manufacturer.
Jennifer Kohler, President

Pacific Rehabilitation Centers – Medical

Our administrative staff and I worked with the Kocer when we needed help mapping out our processes from front desk to admission to our heath care programs. We had many touch points and inefficiencies. The Kocer group helped us unravel the inefficiencies, figure out where we needed to make changes and was instrumental in helping us negotiate through our own companies politics. The result was a more streamlined process. I would highly recommend their consulting services and will use them again.
Regine Neiders, Ph.D, CEO


SPIO is a manufacturer and distributor of dynamic orthoses and compression clothing for children with special needs based out of Burien, WA. In early 2019 we enlisted the help of the Kocer team to assist us to plan our manufacturing and determine if we outsource or manufacture in-house. In addition we hired Kocer for designing and implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO-13485 to better meet the requirements of the FDA and MDD. Dan and his team were very easy to work with, taking the time to assess and understand our needs in order to design a scope of work that would encompass the project. Throughout the project they met with us on an almost daily basis to update us on their work, ensuring we understood each aspect of the QMS as it was completed. They were thorough, detailed, and timely in their delivery. Their professionalism and service exceeded our expectations. In the event we would need consulting services again, we would not hesitate to reach out to Kocer Consulting and Engineering for assistance.
Brad Shatto, General Manager

Tri-Tec Manufacturing

Tri-Tec Manufacturing is an engineering-focused OEM of electro-mechanical actuators for the shipbuilding industry. Tri-Tec is bidding on a substantial project that would triple our sales if awarded. In anticipation of winning the bid, we hired Kocer Consulting + Engineering to help us with capacity analysis, resource planning, material flow improvements, and optimization of our facility in Kent Washington. Dan and his engineers provided us with an audit that resulted in numerous recommendations. Dan’s team was very knowledgeable with manufacturing processes and ERP systems, diligent, easy to work with, and came in within budget. We would have no hesitation in hiring Kocer Consulting again as the need arises.
Rob Dunn, Director of Operations

Legend Brands

We recently acquired a chemical plant and a new product line, and we hired Kocer Consulting + Engineering to help our staff to manage the transition and implement our ERP system for these new operations. Kocer played an important role in helping us to meet our tight six-month deadline. They facilitated a collaborative effort and involved everyone in the scheduling of the project, helped to track and monitor progress, provided support for documentation and mapping of the production and business processes and supported the testing and configuration of the ERP through completion. They worked closely with our internal PM and the entire management team and were greatly appreciated and respected by all. Both operations were successfully launched and operating with the new ERP on time and within budget. When we compiled the lessons learned survey from our staff at the end of the project it was very clear that the support from Kocer was a major contributor to our success. I highly recommend hiring Kocer Consulting + Engineering for managing and supporting ERP implementations and operational transitions.
Russ Wilson, CFO

University of Washington Industrial & Systems Engineering

I am writing first and foremost to thank you for your service to the Industrial & Systems Engineering department. Your expertise as a board member as well as chair of the Strategic Planning subcommittee has been instrumental in shaping the progressive growth trajectory of ISE at the UW – thank you! I could not have done it without you.
Linda Boyle, Chair, Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Washington

Romac Industries

Romac Industries is a manufacturer of pipe fittings for the water works industry. We hired Kocer Consulting and Engineering to help us improve our Shipping, Receiving and Warehousing operations at our Headquarters in Bothell Washington. Dan and company provided us with an audit that resulted in 40+ recommendations for improvement in our processes, layout and equipment. These best practice improvements are just what we need and will have a significant, positive effect on our operations. Dan came in on time and within budget with his quote and was very pleasant to work with. He and his group were professional, knowledgeable and very flexible in working with us and around our busy schedule. We will most definitely use Kocer Consulting and Engineering in the future as the need arises.
Todd Colyer, Director of Operations

Osprey Packs, Inc.

We partnered with Kocer Consulting + Engineering to review our Distribution Center capacity and to review our current processes and suggest solid process improvements. Dan Kocer and his team more than met our expectations by delivering a complete and thorough analysis. They met with our staff and took the time to understand our operation from top to bottom and were able to provide actionable suggestions all through the process. I see no reason why we wouldn’t continue to work with Dan Kocer and his team in the future.
Larry Bratton, Director of Distribution

Northstar Attachments

I would highly recommend Kocer Consulting + Engineering! We worked with Kocer Consulting in 2016 with a goal to improve to our Manufacturing Division and move to more modern manufacturing techniques (Lean, Six Sigma, 5S projects). Our work with Kocer started with an overall assessment of our manufacturing operation and from there they made recommendations on three key areas they felt would give us the best our best gains in efficiencies and processes. The three area they recommended we focus on were: Quality, Cutting & Machining and Welding. We previously had no formal tracking program in place for quality issues which they assisted us in implementing. The results of initiating quality tracking has allowed us to do a much better job in determining which areas we have quality issues in and has allowed us to catch defects in areas like welding prior to painting and assembly which has saved us significant dollars. By formally tracking vendor quality has also helped us to better manage our vendor relationships and helped us determine if we need to consider making a change in that area. These quality improvements have certainly made us more effective. From our work with Kocer Consulting we learned to build product in smaller batches which has helped us cut down on our work in progress and inventory dollars. Through the lean training our welding department came up with more efficient ways to lay out the department to increase product flow thus saving more time. With Kocer’ training and guidance, our people set up an area for all cut Department finished jobs to be placed and labeled so welding can retrieve these components without contacting a supervisor. These are just a few examples of some of the work we did with Kocer Consulting. They were great at keeping our management team informed with their progress by providing us regular reports after each training section. They really helped us implement a better culture for continuous improvement and I would highly recommend Kocer Consulting. The work we did with Kocer has given us a great beginning as we move our business to a more modern manufacturing approach.
Dave Rankin, CEO and Owner

Peripheral Visions, Inc.

Kocer Consulting + Engineering has provided us with a strategy to improve our company. Their assessment of our operations and current ERP system was very thorough and included many ideas to be more profitable. The benefits of each improvement opportunity was fantastic and they provided a roadmap for how to implement. In addition, they were conscious of our price target and timeline. They were able to research and secure a significant amount of grant funding from the State of Washington to pay for improvements. I would highly recommend their services and we are planning on working more with them in the future.
Kent Laverdure, President

CFM Consolidated

The Kocer Consulting + Engineering software expert identified ERP alternatives and recommendations that were much better than anything we had considered. The Kocer team captured our requirements and picked the system that best fit our needs, in an efficient, collaborative and professional manner. The end result of Kocer’s help was an ERP system with a faster implementation, more robust functionality at a significantly lower cost. I recommend Kocer Consulting + Engineering to other manufacturers who need to select and implement a new ERP system.


“After recognizing we needed a change in our processes and practices Thermaline turned to Kocer Consulting + Engineering for help. The KC+E team had a “hands on“, “part of the team“ approach. They worked side by side with every member of the Thermaline transition team, both in the office and rolling up their sleeves with the shop floor personnel. Not only did KC+E guide us on our lean journey but played a vital role in changing our cultural landscape. They fostered creativity and made sure everyone had a clear understanding of our new processes. As a result of working with the KC+E team we were able to transform to lean manufacturing in a short period of time and quickly reach our goals.
a) Deliver products to customer in 3 days – previously 45-50 days
b) Improve profitability – 2.5% to 12%
c) Increase capacity without hiring more people
d) Decrease overtime and eliminate manufacturing chaos
e) KPl’s that make sense
f) Create a visual factory floor, reduce set up times and implement a 5-S program
g) “Buy in“ from EVERY employee
KC+E did not have the typical “do it my way“ consulting approach. They were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend the services of KC+E.“
Leon Sanders, President & CEO

Chef’n Corporation

Kocer Consulting + Engineering embraced our project whole-heartedly and dug into all issues from all angles, beginning to end and top to bottom. They came back with great recommendations and even found cost-savings in areas beyond the original scope of the project. They approached the work with enthusiasm and a strong sense of accountability. The savings we found as a result of their discovery more than paid for the original investment itself and everyone was very happy with the results.
Megan Evert, Director of Operations and Sales Support

H.R. Spinner Corp.

Our company hired Dan Kocer and others in his firm to help us design new layouts for all our facilities. This was critically important to us because we purchased a new warehouse that doubled our footprint and we wanted to gain efficiencies across our company, not just increase our capacity. In conjunction with the work that Dan did to help us become Lean in our warehouse design and layout, he also helped us with our transportation practices and with our initial efforts to ultimately employ warehouse management systems software.

Although Spinner has been in the warehousing and distribution industry for almost 100 years, our people felt that Dan’s insights helped us improve our operations. We are better now than we would have been without the work that Kocer Consulting did for us.

I personally have no reservations in recommending Dan to anyone who wants to break from “that’s how we’ve always done it“ to utilizing best practices across their operations.
Terie G. Ellis, CFO

Chinook Enterprises

During their consultation agreement, Kocer Engineering helped Chinook Enterprises by identifying areas of duplication and designing processes to eliminate waste, reviewed our job layouts and material flow, then identified efficiencies to improve them. These changes will cut our job overhead cost and better focus our employees while eliminating errors. Kocer staff also reviewed our ERP system and suggested several different ideas to gain value by better configuring reports to provide more accurate, timely information. In a competitive, production atmosphere where costs, delivery and accuracy are critical, their work was invaluable.
Robert Martin

Vulcan, Inc./EMP Museum

Kocer Consulting and Engineering worked with us in developing a shop equipment layout for a new facility. Their help and expertise lifted a burden at a time when our employee’s priorities were focused on what they do best, rather than spending time on things like floor plans, layouts and work flow. All of their suggestions were creative and concise. The overall experience turned a drudgery into a pleasure.
Ralph Walter

Absher Construction Company

Kocer Consulting + Engineering helped us to get our arms around a very complex high-school expansion and renovation project. KCE lead us through the pull planning process with all of our subs. This resulted in much more organized project and an earlier completion date.
John Vandervate, LEED AP, Project Manager


Sunlight Supply is a high-growth, successful manufacturer and distributor of horticulture and aquarium supplies, with ten distribution centers across the nation and two manufacturing facilities in Washington State. When we decided to embark on implementing our newly purchased ERP system we needed outside expertise to help configure the system to mesh with our operational and business needs and introduce distribution and supply chain best practices. We hired Kocer Consulting and Engineering because of their reputation, experience and success in the industry. This proved to be a very good move on our part. Kocer’s people quickly gained the respect of our executives and our staff, learned and mapped out the details of our operations, identified best practices to improve our customer service and distribution, determined the capabilities and pitfalls of our new system, provided a road map, and guided the configuration to help us get the most from our investment. They discovered some “holes” in the capabilities early on, and provided solutions to fill these holes, including voice picking and paperless Putaway. During the execution phase they demonstrated a much-needed sense of urgency as they trained our people at all eleven sites across the nation, prepared each site for go-live, tested the software and provided diagnostics and trouble-shooting to quickly and intelligently solve the issues. They provided a detailed document that gives step-by-step procedures on the new best practice operations and best use of the system and reports. This proved to be very beneficial to our efficiency and customer order accuracy. After go-live they played a very important role in diagnosing and troubleshooting software bugs, and they audited each of our plants to ensure that the standard procedures were being followed. They also helped us to set up our new cycle counting schedule and procedures, and trained all sites to perform this. They provided weekly status reports, and are organized in their project management and very diligent about passing their information and knowledge on to our staff. Kocer’s team worked well with our team and we appreciate their straight-forward answers to our questions. I recommend Kocer Consulting and Engineering to any company who plans to make changes to improve their operations and systems.
John Bateson, CFO

Progressive International Corp.

Progressive International and Kocer Consulting & Engineering have partnered since 2003. Dan has extensive experience in distribution/warehouse operations process improvements and systems engineering. He has provided valuable consulting and engineering services in our identification of required operational improvements and our detailed search and assessment of a WMS. Dan will play an instrumental role in our project development and implementation. We have worked with several large consulting/engineering firms but we have found Dan’s flexible hands-on approach to understanding our operation and his ability to customize to our needs to be very refreshing and extremely valuable.
Patrick J Klein, VP Logistics

National Sign Corporation

I would like to thank you for and your firm for the professional service that you have provided National Sign Corporation over the last 3 years. Your team has brought a consistent level of professionalism and expertise to the various tasks that we have authorized. I was very impressed with the quality of work that you performed, and I know all of our employees valued your contributions. Your assistance in getting the involvement of our entire operations staff was invaluable. Even today we still see the value of your consulting work in the daily incremental cost savings that continue to be seen in some of the processes that we setup. I look forward to having an opportunity to retain Kocer Consulting and would recommend your services without hesitation.
Timothy Zamberlin, President

Berntson Porter and Company LLC

Dan gave a fun interactive presentation at our firm which focused on Lean Manufacturing. I enjoyed watching my coworkers simulate a manufacturing line and seeing the impacts of process improvements. Great hands on approach to teaching!
Amanda Goodman, CPA

Cutter & Buck

I want to let you know that I appreciate the valuable solutions and insights your team has provided in the seven years we have worked together. Your approach of blending best in class engineering with process understanding has created tangible improvements in our Renton operation. Your consulting recommendations led to low cost, high impact projects we could implement quickly for cost reductions. In addition, your top to bottom review of our fulfillment model has prepared us with plans we can implement to support future growth. Finally, your willingness to coordinate various site visits for my team allows us to stay current on the latest technologies and management ideas in our industry. Thank you for your continued partnership.
Rick Martinez, Director of Distribution

Bellegrove Medical Supply

I want to thank Dan and his team at Kocer Consulting and Engineering for bringing our company up to standard with the best practices in distribution. Our company is small but growing and did business the way we always had. Dan did a thorough investigation or our practices, worked with our current software and implemented a plan within our means to bring us forward. He also designed and oversaw our move to a new facility. His company was certainly the right fit for us. He has left us in a place where we can continue to grow, be more profitable and compete by decreasing our overhead.
Mark Holzemer, President

Da Vinci Gourmet, Inc. – One of Washington’s fastest growing private companies

Dan got his hands dirty working on the floor with my team then was able to explain the concepts of modern inventory management so that we could all understand where our gaps were and what needed improved. Dan saved us real money by improving our inventory losses and by reducing the amount of time we spent counting our stock. The best part was that our month end closings were accurate and completed in two days. Our accounting staff loved that!
Rico Yingling, COO

The Boyd Group, Inc.

Kocer Consulting and Engineering developed, presented and lead us through the implementation of facility design changes and operational process improvements, as well as systems, equipment, and inventory management changes. These changes did result in improved performance in many of our performance metrics. Kocer Consulting and Engineering also fit in well with our management team, and the “lean thinking” approach allowed us to accomplish these improvements with minimal capital expenditure. In summary, Kocer Consulting and Engineering proved their “bottom-line” value to our organization and we are pleased to refer them to other companies. We would not hesitate to use them again if needed.
W. Brock Bulbuck, Senior Vice president and COO

King County Housing Authority

We hired Kocer Consulting and Engineering at KCHA with the objective of eliminating waste in our Section 8 inspection process. Kocer reviewed our current processes, identified non-value activities, and provided a list of recommendations to streamline our process. They did a very thorough job interviewing our staff by whom they were well received. The flowcharts they provided were easy to understand and comprehensive. We have recommended their firm to several other housing authorities. We plan on implementing many of their suggested recommendations. I was extremely satisfied with the quality and timeliness of Kocer’s work.
Mike Reilly, Director, Housing Management

Heritage Distilling Company, Inc.

In 2019, we were planning a major expansion and consolidation from several small production, warehouse and storage facilities to two new buildings with more than 130,000 sf. In addition to planning the move, we also set the intent to significantly improve and streamline our distillery production and warehouse operations, in anticipation of major growth opportunities in the coming years. We quickly realized that we needed to engage the services of a consulting firm to help us map out and plan this transition. Kocer Consulting to the rescue! Dan and his team immediately began to learn all about our operations and quickly uncovered several process improvements that would significantly enhance our operational efficiency. They designed a comprehensive map for several of our critical processes, and worked with our architect team to build professional and customized layouts for the new buildings. The finished product provided our company with an impressive ROI from the savings we are realizing from the plan and process improvements.
Drew Kellerman, Vice President of Production

University of Washington

On behalf of the GTTL Studies, I would like to thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with our students this spring quarter. Your comments and insights provided and excellent supplement to the information they gathered from their readings and class lectures.
Greg Shelton, Managing Director, Global Trade, Transportation, and Logistics Studies

Rushforth Construction

Dan and I worked very closely together whilst I was at Rushforth Construction, Inc on several industrial projects. I enjoyed working with Dan and the other members of his team because we were all able to contribute ideas to make the project a success. This collaboration resulted in some very good output to the benefit of the client. Kocer Engineering is a first-class professional team.
Senior Project Manager

Hayward Gordon Operations Improvement, Interim Management, Consolidation of Manufacturing Sites

Hayward Gordon is a Canadian company with three subsidiaries across Canada and the US. When our General Manager position in the California Plant became vacant, we hired Kocer to provide an interim leader. Dan, the consultant from Kocer, was adept at managing the plant. He analyzed and improved our operating efficiency, capacity allocation and improved the overall plant performance. Once we found our permanent GM, Kocer assisted with the onboarding and knowledge transfer to successfully transition them into the position. Following this project, I once again contacted Kocer to plan and execute our three manufacturing facilities’ consolidation efforts. This project merged our business into two manufacturing sites while still growing our top line. The Kocer team provided excellent service, regular status updates, and executed the project on time and budget. I would recommend hiring the Kocer team to improve your operations, streamline your systems, and take the lead with significant facility transitions.
Cosimo Galletti, Vice President of Operations

Scotts / National Garden Wholesale

I would like to let you know that working with Dan Kocer and his team has been a great experience for me and the company I work for Sunlight Supply. We developed a partnership with Dan’s company almost two years ago. His team was employed to assist us with determining best practices for our distribution centers. He spent time working with our management team and offered assistance in determining the best operating system for our needs in distribution. We spent the first few months gathering information and determining what type of operating system would work best for our application in the warehouse. Dan spent numerous hours researching several different warehousing operations and interviewing companies to help determine the direction we should pursue. Once we all agreed to pursue a voice-picking type of system, Dan and his team immediately began to look into operations that were currently using it. He then researched the different companies who offered the systems and arranged for our company representatives to visit several different operations and ask questions about their experiences with a voice picking system. When a decision was reached as to whom we were going to choose, Dan had already done the necessary research to determine all the necessary equipment we were going to need. He itemized everything and began to shop for the best value for our company. When we were ready to purchase this system, he had already begun a leverage plan to get the price pricing available. He helped us to determine a fair offer with expectations from the vendor. After purchasing the new system, Dan quickly assembled a team to become experts with not only the voice system, but the newly purchased operating system our company purchased before his arrival. His team became the necessary trainers to teach our management staff the inner workings of both systems and how they were going to work (or not work) through several hours of testing the two systems. Our relationship developed into a true partnership and they took us to a level of operations that exceeded my expectations. Everyone on his team was willing to do whatever it took to get through the challenge on the table. This is a very brief description of their work…I would absolutely call them in the future to help with any of our future needs!!! Please feel free to contact me for additional information.
Glen Morrison, National Director of Warehousing Operations

Romac Industries

Romac Industries is a manufacturer of pipe fittings for the water works industry. We hired Kocer Consulting and Engineering to help us improve our Shipping, Receiving and Warehousing operations at our Headquarters in Bothell Washington. Dan and company provided us with an audit that resulted in 40+ recommendations for improvement in our processes, layout and equipment. These best practice improvements are just what we need and will have a significant, positive effect on our operations. Dan came in on time and within budget with his quote and was very pleasant to work with. He and his group were professional, knowledgeable and very flexible in working with us and around our busy schedule. We will most definitely use Kocer Consulting and Engineering in the future as the need arises.
Todd Colyer, Director of Operations


We had a project building a custom inventory solution for one of our clients. This particular project had a lot of unique processes that needed to be accounted for and actionable from a technology perspective. Dan W’s. (Kocer Engineering) involvement was integral to completing the project successfully. Not only did they increase awareness of the internal issues that needed to be addressed, but they helped to facilitate communication amongst all parties. Dan ensured that timelines were clear, expectations were set, and deliverables were realized. Often times when we do projects like this, some companies don’t fully understand the work involved. Dan was able to coordinate with our project manager and the team leads of our client to create a highly organized team. Their involvement was essential to getting the project done on time and within budget. Kocer is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy partner. We would be more than happy to work with them again.
Mike Osegaro, Vice President

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