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Kocer Consulting and Engineering is in the business of studying, planning, designing, and implementing operational improvements for production, assembly, distribution, administration, and logistics operations. We are a small, successful, growing consulting and engineering company located in Seattle in our twelfth year of operation. We have provided consulting and engineering for over 200 national and international companies.

Kocer Consulting and Engineering has several guiding principles that define who we are. Our people are highly educated and experienced in operations management and systems consulting, with engineering roots. This combination provides the insight into business and best-practice solutions, with a strong scientific and technical approach to problem solving and analysis. We are life-long learners and continuing education is a cornerstone to our success.

We are unique in our extensive experience with hands-on implementation that gives us the insight to provide ideas and solutions that are practical and feasible when applied to real-world operations. We are results-oriented with the end goal in mind, and our approach is team-oriented and focused on the customer and their operational performance. These organizational values have proven to be beneficial for our clients and our people.
Our broad knowledge base allows us to analyze operations from many different perspectives. We are adept at identifying problems and solutions that may involve the following: streamlining operations, providing best-practices for operations, facility and equipment layout, staffing and scheduling, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) selection and implementation, Warehouse Management System (WMS) selection and implementation , inventory management, resource planning, facilitating lean programs, financial analysis of alternatives, material handling design, employee training and transition, methods analysis, ergonomics, supply chain network analysis, supplier/partner management, Capacity analysis, Quality Assurance, risk management, and project management for implementing on time and within budget to meet the required performance metrics. Our systematic team-oriented approach to problem solving, design, procurement, and execution produces solutions that are supported by key owners, and provides substantiated results. Our people deliver on the full cycle of the improvement process, from concept through completion.

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Kocer Consulting + Engineering helps companies become more profitable and sustainable by developing and implementing improvements to their operations and systems, and planning for the future.


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