General contractors, architectural firms, designers, and subcontractors engage our classes and on-site support so they can win more jobs, improve profits, and provide better service and shorter schedules.

What is Lean Construction?

We provide Lean Construction hands-on training and on-site consulting support to eliminate wasted time and materials, and improve the schedule and organization on a construction project, for all phases and functions. Many requests for proposals are requiring this Lean Construction training, and this certified training gives a leg up on the competition. These modules are listed below:

  • Module 1: Lean Introduction and Hand-On Demonstration
  • Module 2: Lean Transformation – Increasing Profits
  • Module 3: Pull Planning – Efficient Scheduling
  • Module 4: Continuous Improvement
  • Module 5: Jobsite Organization -5S and Standard Work
  • Module 6: Lean Methods for Problem Solving

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