Creating High-Performance Distribution Operations

  • We can help you plan your warehouse design from the ground up and ensures that the design is aligned with your operational goals and budget.
  • We can support the early stages of site selection by providing a capacity analysis that estimates your warehouse needs and we can define the desired site attributes that your real estate broker can use in their search.  Some of these attributes include parking, truck access, dock doors, clear height, zoning, lighting, fire rating, etc.
  • Our distribution experience and education allows us to introduce distribution best practices, when applicable, to avoid re-inventing the wheel.
  • We can arrange a site visit with other clients if appropriate so that you can see these practices in action.
  • We introduce processes that reduce order cycle time, increase productivity, and provide inventory and order accuracy approaching 100%.

Creating High-Performance Warehouse Operations

  • We can help with Warehouse Management System (WMS) selection and integration to ensure that all operational processes and goals are enhanced by your WMS capabilities.
  • We provide Capacity analysis starting with your sales forecast, and working backwards to determine the necessary facility space, staffing, equipment and resources for all functions within the new operation.
  • We can manage the overall project and tenant improvements and permitting to ensure all work meets your needs with an efficient schedule and budget.
  • Our experience with purchasing distribution equipment, software, and materials reduces your cost and risk.
  • We design, select and test all new processes, equipment and systems to ensure they integrate properly.
  • We assist you in planning a successful warehouse operation and provide budgets and schedules for approval and implementation.
  • We manage and test the integration to ensure new systems, facilities, transportation, and staffing work together in harmony.
  • We provide acceptance testing, training and support through operational ramp-up to allow a successful transition.

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