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There are several key elements to how we will facilitate change management and manage the implementation of improvements. First, we believe that strong project management is critical. We track progress against deliverables, budget and schedule on a weekly basis and we provide a concise report that summarizes the overall status, provides what has been accomplished over the last week, and what we plan to accomplish over the next week. We also communicate any roadblocks or issues and potential solutions to overcome them and maintain progress. We believe that a collaborative approach is essential to get traction and our project plan will reflect this. Key managers and employees will be involved, we ask them for their issues and ideas, and most importantly we listen. The recommendations will be reviewed and refined as a team. Another key element of our project work is that any recommendation we provide will be substantiated with reliable analysis, research and benchmarking. These key elements provide competent and fruitful value and allow successful transitions to new operations and systems for our customers.

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