The Story of Our Beginning

I started my company right after the 9/11 disaster and the economy was frozen, and I was hungry for work with a family of six. I created ways to meet with general managers and VP of operations. My pitch? Let me briefly meet with you and review your operations and I will provide ideas for significant improvements, and you don’t need to pay me unless you like the results. Most paid me but not all. I learned how to be efficient and I learned how to listen to what was valuable to my customer, and I did whatever it took to provide that value and make a living from these no-obligation agreements. Many of these clients learned to like me and trust me and provided references, which made it easier to land more work. They told their CPA firms about me and CPA firms hired me to work for their clients. I provided over a hundred of these quick consulting stints for one CPA firm, and the client expectations were high and unforgiving. This taught me the value of first impression, and to quickly see the big issues and focus on high-impact solutions to provide value for my short time in their plant. I was transformed by these earlier experiences to really understand our value proposition in every engagement, and how critical it is to provide excellent results and service.

I am thankful for these tough experiences and lessons and I try to instill these into the culture of Kocer Consulting and Engineering. There is nothing better than a happy customer and a great reference after a challenging project, knowing that we leave their company in a better state than it was when we started.

Daniel J Kocer, PE

President and Owner

Kocer Consulting and Engineering


About Kocer Consulting and Engineering

Kocer Consulting and Engineering has been helping companies to improve and adapt their operations and systems for 20 years and has provided value to over 800 national and international companies in aerospace, medical, food processing, manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain.
Companies call Kocer to:
1) plan and manage change to align operations with their new business strategy.
2) help with business systems strategy, needs assessment, software and resource selection and transition.
3) empower their workforce through training and facilitating Lean Thinking, production management, and continuous improvement.
4) provide a technical study to determine the root cause of their burning problem, a feasible solution and professional change management.
We provide what our customers want and need – Project Leaders, Consultants and Engineers that are experienced, educated, reliable, innovative, organized, hands-on operations experts that communicate clearly and are good at collaborating with people at all levels.

Kocer Consulting and Engineering

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Our Team

Kocer Consulting and Engineering has several key attributes that go to the core of who we are. Our people are highly educated and experienced in operations management and systems consulting, with engineering roots. This combination provides the insight into business, change management and best-practice solutions, with a strong scientific and technical approach to problem solving and analysis. We are life-long learners and continuing education is a cornerstone to our success. Our staff is comprised of project managers, consultants and engineers on the systems side and the operations side because you can no longer separate the two in today’s operations.

We are unique in our extensive experience with hands-on implementation that gives us the insight to provide ideas and solutions that are practical and feasible when applied to real-world operations. We are results-oriented with the end goal in mind, and our approach is team-oriented and focused on the customer and their operational performance. These organizational values have proven to be beneficial for our clients and our firm.

Depth of Experience

We have delivered high-performance production and distribution operations for over 800 companies, large and small. We facilitate progress with the team from the initial strategy, concept and goal-setting through completion and ramp-up. Our management experience enables us to recognize what is necessary to deliver excellent performance: on time, with a lean budget and with a high return on investment. We study hundreds of operations in our business and we learn something from every operation, every team and every project.

Broad Base of Knowledge

Our strength is the ability to look at operational problems from several angles – operations and systems strategy, staffing and scheduling, process flow, work methods, quality and accuracy, management systems, equipment, facilities, economic return on investment, vendor relationships, and customer requirements. This combination of skills increases the avenues for operational improvement, and ensures that all bases are covered for a successful implementation. In addition, we have vast experience managing and directing large production and distribution operations, and we appreciate the tough decisions that our clients face every day.

Continuous education and learning are one of the cornerstones in the success of Kocer Consulting and Engineering. We attend seminars and professional organizations, read publications from experts around the world, and regularly visit supply chain, manufacturing and distribution operations to see best practices in action.


We provide what our customers want and need – experienced, educated, hands-on project managers that provide clear direction, and are very skilled at developing efficient plans and managing them effectively. We take pride in our ability to accomplish high quality work in a very timely manner, and we keep your team informed with regular status reports. We mitigate performance, budget and schedule risks as a basic part of our project management duties.

Long-Term Relationships with Clients

Long-term client relationships have been essential to our success. We guarantee satisfaction with our work, and our clients appreciate our personal and professional integrity.

Our Testimonials

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Kocer Consulting + Engineering helps companies become more profitable and sustainable by developing and implementing improvements to their operations and systems, and planning for the future.


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